How to use the nuvoaire ozone treatment calculator

By Louis Adams, MWR, MSR, MTC

  1. touch the grey tone "Footage" and enter the square foot of the treatment area ie. 1000
  2. touch the Grey tone "Feet" and enter the of the ceiling ie. 8
  3. touch the "Select Contamination Level" and select a contamination level
    • Level 1 - light ( minimal odor and limited exposure time)
    • Level 2 - medium ( noticeable odor or was under some pressure for a longer time)
    • Level 3 - heavy ( very noticeable odor or contamination or was under high pressure)
  4. touch the "Select Surface Area/Content level" and select from the 4 options
    • Open structure perimeter only - no interior walls with no content
    • Open structure - large, open and empty treatment area with no contents
    • Low contents - medium sized rooms or a few loose items in treatment area
    • Medium contents - small sized rooms or medium contents in treatment area
    • Heavy contents - high density of contents in treatment area

All the data is in and now touch the highlighted Calculate button or word. There will be a few calculation that will populate boxes

How to read the results

Grams per hour - how much ozone production output that is suggested for a treatment duration. This could mean that you either need more equipment or smaller treatment areas.

Treatment duration is how long to run the ozone levels specified and should not exceed 8 hours. To get shorter treatment times you can times the ozone production by the treatment hours and divide by amount of your ozone production capacity. Treatment should be at least one hour.

To determine the duration based on the ozone generators you have, simply times the hours by the output and divide by your ozone generators' output. 4 hours x 6 gph ÷ 3 gph = 8 hours

Pressurize area: Over pressurize the treatment area with the specified CFM to force the ozone and other Reactive Oxygen Species into all affected areas in treatment area. This measurement will help determine the number of air scrubbers needed. There must be an exit point as well. Slightly open window up high and away from the ozone generator and air intake. The ozone will follow the air flow and find the air gaps where the odor also went. Do not over do it, because you can dilute the target ozone concentration.

Lift: indicates the number of mini or standard air movers needed to lift the ozone and mix it up for an even concentration. Standard air movers are to be used with high ceilings, lifting heavier ozone without destroying it by slamming it into each other and reverting back into three O2 molecules.

Document it: Now that you have the recommended equipment needed you can document it by completing a screenshot and sending it to yourself to be added to the supporting documents.

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