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Instead of taking all the contents to a shop and then processing the house and the contents separately, do it all together. In order to do that, we must create the conditions you would find in an ozone chamber. This will minimize the labor and equipment to take it to a facility. It will speed up the turn-around of the project and maximize your assets.

Xactimate Code based on a 2000 square foot house with 8 foot ceilings equals 16,000 Cubic Feet

CGN DODROZ< low density at .05 $800 (requires from 40-67 grams per hour for 4 hours)
CGN DODROZ regular density at .07 $1120 (requires from 42-73 grams per hour for 4 hours)
CGN DODROZ> high density at .10 $1600 (requires from 45-80 grams per hour for 4 hours)

Step by Step Procedure to turn a house into an ozone chamber

  1. Make sure there are no people, pets or plants in the structure. Post signs restricting entrance.
  2. Open cabinet doors, drawers, and space clothing 3-4 inches apart.
  3. Determine the amount of ozone you need to treat the area. Use the Ozone Calc app. It will give you a starting point to know how much ozone you need to create every hour and for how long. Use one or multiple units to get enough ozone for success. Place it near the HVAC return air vents and turn the system fan "on". This will evenly disperse the ozone throughout the structure.
  4. Duct in fresh air using an Air Scrubber into the path of the ozone generator. This creates a positive pressure and takes the activated oxygen to all the nooks and crannies in the house.
  5. At the opposite end or level of the house, install a 4 inch duct that goes up to the ceiling. This will remove the excess air and leave the ozone. It will also draw air to it, causing air flow. You can also turn on bathroom exhaust fans.
  6. Install small fans, with no more than 1000 CFM, directed towards the ceiling. Place one every 100-150 square feet. This will lift the heavier ozone, and help it get to contaminates for oxidization.
  7. Check pressure differential with a monometer. Anything above .05" WC will work. Use a smoke stick or other devise to check airflow.
  8. Set timer for either, 4, 6, or 8 hours for the ozone machine. Allow fans to continue run for another hour.
  9. The person that is going to purge the structure has PPE. Full face respirator with organic filters is required to enter.
  10. Open the front door and place a fan in doorway pointed out. Run for 15 minutes, enter wearing PPE and open windows. Ventilate for another 15 minutes. Using an electric leaf blower, walk through and blow off contents. The air velocity will help break down the ozone and stop the oxidization process. A minimum of one hour to ventilate is required.

Remember, ozone breaks down organic materials and it goes through a phase that is different than the original odor and the smell of ozone. Purging the area will eliminate the partially broken material as well as ozone. Do not judge the outcome until the ozone has been purged. There must be enough ozone, as measured in grams, with enough dwell time to deodorize and sanitize the area.

Any question regarding this or other ozone related situation please call 844-688-6247 or email and someone will get back to you.

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