About Us

NuvoAire dedicates itself to development and use of restorative and pro-active hygienic systems. We commit ourselves to use of UV and oxidative technology, education, and proper application techniques for professional cleaners and restorers. We believe that Reactive Oxidative Species are the future of indoor air quality and sanitation. This includes, ozone, titanium dioxide coatings, Hydrogen peroxide, ozone enhanced water, hydroxyl radicals, and super oxides.

We are currently the US exclusive sales agent to the cleaning and restoration industry for Envirozone products of BC Canada. We work with distributors throughout the US and Canada to provide sales, educational training, and service support.

Louis Adams, CEO

Starting in the cleaning and restoration industry in 1983. Louis acts as an IICRC Master Water Restorer, Master Smoke and Fire Restorer, and Master Textile Cleaner. He constantly searches for better and safer processes and products to mitigate and restore property. Over the last 10 years, he founded and ran a successful restoration company. He has acted as a restoration consultant to promote IICRC standards for contractors and insurance companies.

He has done extensive work with nanotechnology regarding titanium dioxide applications, hydroxyl radicals, stabilized chlorine dioxide and activated oxygen. His latest venture, NuvoAire empowers restoration technicians with technology and education regarding deodorizations, disinfection and sanitization for both air and surfaces.

Louis currently promotes Envirozone's Pure High Output UV Ozone generators. He developed the Ozone Calc app to determine how much Ozone is needed to successfully deodorize a project.

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