Model UV13


Deodorize and Sanitize with the Power of Activated Oxygen

Envirozone's UV ozone generators produce pure ozone without any corrosive byproducts. It is safer for materials being deodorized while lowering liability exposure to those conducting ozone deodorization treatments.

Ozone is an oxidizer, that doesn't discriminate the organic materials it oxidizes. Therefore, extended exposure can age the material. We recommend that ozone treatments not be longer than 8 hours. It is better to conduct two shorter treatments, with a purge in between, than one long one.

Because ozone is heavier than air, it needs to be lifted, mixed and pressurized. This will ensure proper concentration, contact time for a successful deodorization. The Nuvoaire Ozone Calc app, available on Apple or Android, will assist in setting up an ozone treatment.

Download Specification Sheet

After a Fire

  • After source removal
  • Post warning signs "Ozone in Use"
  • Place area under positive pressure
  • Place small fans for every 150 SF
  • Deodorize area using activated oxygen by running the ozone for a period of time as specified on the Ozone Calc App
  • To Purge put on respirator with organic cartridge prior to entry
  • Purge the area

Industrial Unit

  • Proprietary UV Ozone Bulbs
  • High output UV Ozone 13 GPH
  • No Nitric Oxide production
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • UV Bulbs last 10,000 Hours
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Versatility for odor and sanitizing
  • 300 CFM fan
  • 1.8 amps
  • Download Ozone Calc App
Envirozone Product models are industrial ozone generators, designed to be used in unoccupied areas or in volumes limited by OSHA regulations.

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